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FGX Native

Develop modern cross-platform mobile applications using Delphi and FGX Native.

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Made by developers for developers

FGX Native mission is to make mobile app development simple and available to anyone. We offer our clients a unique UI-designer, large number of components, well-designed API, detailed documentation and more.

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Allways relevant and modern

Mobile app development is one of the most dinamically increasing IT-industry sector. Here you can always be on trend with timely support of the newest API and following most relevant recomendations in desinging user interface.

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Documentation, documentation and some documentation more

We document all our code since we believe that good documentation is a key factor in lerning new information. Have more questions? Don't worry! Join the FGX Native developers society on our forum.

Our clients - our biggest fans

Our clients' work speaks for itself. Here are some finished applications, developed on our platform.

Configuring the Android SDK profile.

Use the Android development profile created by RAD Studio.

Please note that if you run the IDE for the first time after installation, the IDE physically installs the SDK with you first try to compile an Android project.

Open the profile settings window via the "Tools > Options > Deployment > SDK Manager" manu.
Select "Android SDK" and check the "SDK API-Level Location" field, there must be selected the version "android-26" or higher. If a version lower than 26 is selected, change this field by selecting version 26 or higher.