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$ 549 /1 year

Named license

Commercial development

Updates access

API component source codes

1 year support on forum

$ 249 /1 year

Named license

Renew of the active subscription for 1 year at a reduced price of the subscription price.

Available for purchase 1 month before the expiration of the active subscription.


Frequently asked question

Let us help you answer the most common questions you may have.


Can I develop apps using Trial version?

No. The Trial version is intended solely for familiarization with the capabilities of the FGX Native library and cannot be used for application development.


Can I continue to use FGX Native after my subscription lapses?

Yes! You reserve the right to use all versions of FGX Native received during the term of your subscription. However, you will not receive free updates and technical support in this case.


Can I get free updates?

During the period of your active subscription, all updates released during this period, you get for free. We are constantly updating our components, expanding their capabilities and fixing bugs. Also we are working on adding new components.


Can I renew a subscription that has already lapsed?

No. You can renew only an active subscription. If your subscription has expired, you will need to re-subscribe for the full price.


Which versions of Delphi are supported?

Delphi Community Edition (10.4, 11.0), RAD Studio (10.4., 11.0).
Here you can find the current system requirements: System requirements.


Is there an iOS support?

Yes, we provide it only for our clients.


Can I use FireMonkey along with FGX Native?

No. FGX Native is a completely independent from other Delphi visual libraries platform. However, you can make full use of the database access components, REST, JSON, HTTP clients, and other components.


How can I find out which third-party components work in FGX Native?

All cross-platform components that do not depend on the UI part and do not use VCL/FMX should also work with FGX Native. Thanks to our collaboration with users, such libraries as LiteDAC, MyDAC, UniDAC, TMS Crypto (Hash, AES, RSA) and others have already been successfully tested. You can check the compatibility yourself using the Trial version.


Are the source codes available?

Source codes are only available for FGX Native versions received during your active subscription. However, you only get the source code for component and platform abstractions. All specific platform-dependent implementations are closed and unavailable because they don't have anything of value for application developers.


Is there a C++ Builder support?

Not for now. We want to focus on developing a quality platform for Delphi. And later add support for C++ Builder.